About Us

The name Pilkhan comes from the Pilkhan tree, which is a fairly common strangler fig tree seen in many parts of India. It has a large canopy and aerial roots that wrap themselves around the tree trunk. The Pilkhan responds beautifully to changing seasons with leaves "going from dusty purple to red, then through a dazzling array of russets and bronzes till they turn pale green."

With a grandfather who was a horticultural scientist and a landscape designer for a father, our founder Nandita grew up amidst trees and nature. She has a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the UK, and is mom to Amartya & Katyayani.

 As someone who has met many a grand Pilkhan (and many other trees too), her start up venture - Pilkhan, represents a window into the natural world for children. The brand is a unique, playful gateway for every child to experience and grow to love and appreciate nature. Team Pilkhan firmly believes that a foundational love for nature will set the stage for our children to learn essential life skills from nature and make more environmentally mindful decisions - all while having fun and getting creative.