Why Pilkhan?

With the Pilkhan Nature Boxes our young subscribers will become acquainted with the changing seasons, soil, plants, animals, insects and birds through a series of sensory experiences and explorations that will inspire an active and creative mind.

Our boxes have been developed with influence from Forest School, Steiner and Montessori education. The craft activities have been designed to get children outside in nature - finding materials themselves from their walks and using these objects imaginatively.

There are many a lessons to be learnt from the natural world apart from a general understanding of its working. Taking care of the living parts of their environment will teach children the power of responsibility and of patience.

Early exposure and environmentally immersive activities such as the ones in the box will instill in our children a foundational love for nature and set the stage for them to learn more, make more environmentally - mindful decisions and become active voices for conservation within their communities.

Finally the fully equipped box with multiple activities allows a parent to spend quality time with their child as they embark on this beautiful journey of connecting with natural world.